Top Outdoor Halloween Décor

When it comes to Halloween you cannot forget about decorating the outside of your house. I don’t know about you, but every year, I look forward to seeing the decorations that my neighbors put out and I’m sure they look forward to seeing mine – each year, I try to add something new to my collection. Are you looking to add something to your Halloween décor collection? Here’s the top outdoor Halloween décor on my list:


Sinister Skull Holding a Lantern

If you are looking to add an extra spook to your yard during Halloween, this sinister skull holding a lantern would do a good job. It puts off just enough light so that it doesn’t take away from the creepy atmosphere. When it is lit, during the dark, it can add drama to any spooky setting. It requires two AA batteries.

Skeleton Dog Halloween Décor

In the mixture of spooky outdoor accessories, we can’t forget a skeleton dog to watch over it all. The skeleton dog is 18.5 inches long, 7.9 inches wide and stands 7.5 inches high. It is made of plastic.

Evil Hissing Cat

During Halloween, we cannot forget about black cats! This evil hissing cat will definitely add a spooky look to the atmosphere. This hissing black cat stands 19 inches tall and is very scary looking.

Grim Reaper Driving Pumpkin Carriage

You can add some spookiness to your yard by purchasing some pretty cool inflatable accessories. This grim reaper driving a pumpkin carriage caught my eye … because in my opinion, the grim reaper is pretty scary. It is made of weather resistant polyester and can be inflated in only minutes. When it is inflated, the measurements are 138”L x 51” W x 87 “ H. During the night time, of course, it lights up better.

Zombie Cat Halloween Decoration

This is a pretty looking zombie cat that will be sure to scare all of your Halloween guests. This cat is 13.4 inches wide and stands 12.2  inches high. It is made out of polyester and Styrofoam.

Scary Clown

This scary clown will be sure to add a thrill to that Halloween atmosphere. It comes complete with tattered clothes and has a realistic hand painted face. It is approximately 12 foot tall and his eyes light up. It requires 2 AA batteries.

Scary Pumpkin Prop

Does pumpkin head scare you? If so, this scary pumpkin prop is highly recommended. This hanging prop stands 12 inches high and the hanging prop is included.

The Corn Stalker

Here’s another scary pumpkin head that would go great in a creepy atmosphere.  It stands 7’6” tall and includes a step activation pad, 1 corn stalker and 1 ac adapter.

Lighted Zombie Stakes

These lighted zombie stakes really caught my attention. By using 3 AAA batteries, you can brighten the walk way for any “walkers.” They can be used to create a spooky Halloween display along a flower bed, fence line or a path. These zombies have glowing eyes that change from red to green to blue and they are complete with tattered clothing to give that all out spooky look.

That’s the top Halloween décor on my list this year and I can’t wait to add a lot of it to my Halloween setting!

Halloween Kitchen Décor

When people decorate their house for Halloween they tend to focus on the living room and forget all about the kitchen. This Halloween you should put some extra attention on your kitchen, don’t you think? Today, we are here to give you some interesting ideas by showing you some nice Halloween kitchen décor that you could use:

Skeleton Salt and Pepper Holder

Having a skeleton hold your salt and pepper for you seems pretty cool, right? This salt and pepper shaker will be a nice conversation starter during your next spooky party, there’s no doubts about that one. This item has been individually hand-crafted from cold cast resin and includes glass salt and pepper shakers.

Zombie Salt and Pepper Holder

If you are looking for a spooky salt and pepper holder, but you don’t quite dig the skeleton salt and pepper holder, no big deal … here’s a pretty cool zombie salt and pepper holder. This is especially great if you have a taste for zombies!  This set also comes with the glass salt and pepper shakers and has been individually hand-crafted from cold cast resin.

Witches Legs

If you have the witch trapped in a drawer or chest, she won’t be flying away into the moonlight on her broom. These plush witch’s legs will be sure to make a “witchy” atmosphere happen in your kitchen.

Dragon Skull Electric Oil Warmer

How about adding a snarling dragon skull to your kitchen décor? This is a spooky electric oil warmer and a must have! It has been individually hand-crafted from cold cast resin. It comes with the glass dish and heat light cover.

Grim Reaper Wine Holder

This grim reaper would make a perfect wine holder in your kitchen during Halloween!  He is 11” long and made from cold cast polyresin.

Owl Salt and Pepper Shaker

If you weren’t fond of the  skeleton or zombie salt and pepper holders, perhaps you would like this set in your kitchen? They’re not spooky, but they would still make great décor in your kitchen during Halloween.

Spider Web Bowl Candy Holder

This would go perfect in your kitchen during Halloween. This is a metal 2-tier basket that looks like spider webs. You could add some of those plastic spiders in there to give it a spooky look.

Halloween Fabric Table Runner

No kitchen décor is complete without a table runner! This one right here could easily fit in with your other Halloween kitchen décor. The haunted houses set the theme. This runner measures 13” x 7.

Bloody Handprints

For the kitchen window, let’s put some bloody handprints! This sheet has assorted window clings in different shapes and sizes.  It has both bloody handprints and bloody splatters.

Skeleton Chef Wine Bottle Holder

If you enjoy wine, this Halloween, you definitely need to get a wine bottle holder to go with your kitchen décor. If you’re not too fond of the grim reaper wine bottle holder, perhaps this skeleton chef wine bottle holder will suit your needs?  This features a bony chef laying on his back in a dirty uniform.

Ceramic Dog Treat Jar

If you have dogs, why  not have a special treat jar? This ceramic pumpkin with a paw print on it will fit in with your Halloween kitchen décor.

There you have 11 different pieces you could purchase for your kitchen. All of them will be sure to add a taste of Halloween to your kitchen.



Infant and Baby Costumes


It sure is time to start thinking about those cute and cuddly costumes for the little ones in the family.  Who can resist this adorable nursery rhyme Mary Had a Little Lamb Pink Lamb infant costume made by Rubie’s Costume Co and it is just one of the many cute costumes available for babies and infants for Halloween or any occasion.


The crispness in the air, the beautifully colored and fallen leaves of autumn tells us that Halloween will soon be arriving and you know what that means – baby Halloween costumes!


Talking about cute baby Halloween costumes wouldn’t be complete without one of the little vegetable costumes.   One of the all time favorites among parents is the snugly little bunting outfit Deluxe Baby Bunting Pea in a Pod costume that’s suitable in size from one to nine months.




Halloween Masks


Have you started planning this year’s Halloween costume yet?   A popular part of the Halloween celebrations includes Halloween masks. However, Halloween masks are not always an answer to everyone’s costume needs.


One of the best aspects of  Halloween masks are that they disguise who you are quite well. Whether you choose a Halloween mask that covers your entire face and head or just a portion, the final effect of either is that it alters the shape of you face. This can make it even more difficult to recognize you than it would be with merely face paint.

Halloween Masks


Another positive of Halloween masks is that they are very simple to use. If you paint your face, you will need a good deal of time, patience and some artistic talent to get the right effect. With a Halloween mask, you simply slip it on and you are ready to go.


Masks can also be an inexpensive costume idea. By wearing a solid colored outfit and slipping on a mask, you can instantly become the character that the mask represents – other accessories are usually optional. You can even combine Halloween masks with your everyday clothing to become anything you want to be.


But Halloween masks can be dangerous if they are not worn properly and with some caution. Special care should be taken to make sure that the mask does not block your vision or your breathing. This is particularly true with children since an improperly fitting mask could cause them to injure themselves while out trick or treating. You will want to try the mask on to make sure that it fits properly before Halloween night.  Adults should remove their masks when driving to ensure that you are able to see properly.

Halloween Masks



Halloween masks can also be hot, so if your Halloween evening will be spent in a warmer climate or a crowded party room you may become uncomfortable rather quickly. If you feel that you are overheating, remove your mask. Also make sure that you drink plenty of water during your Halloween celebrations.  Only you can decide if wearing a Halloween mask is right for you. If you purchase a mask and decide later on that it is not as comfortable or as safe as you would like, you can also use it as a Halloween home decoration.






Safe and Happy Halloween Fun



Halloween is a fun holiday for both kids and adults. It gives them to chance to dress up as a favorite character and eat special treats and there is always a variety of things to do during the month of October.  Here is a look at some of the fun ways that you can celebrate and have some safe and happy Halloween fun.



Trick or treating.  Perhaps one of the most time honored traditions of Halloween is trick or treating which is a lot of fun for many children and their parents. What could be more exciting than dressing in a great Halloween costume and getting candy for it? Adults should always accompany the youngsters when they go out and everyone should carry flashlights and stay in well lighted areas.  Adults should also inspect the candy before allowing kids to eat it.


Safe and Happy Halloween Fun



Due to safety concerns, some neighborhoods are setting assigned hours for trick or treating and even doing it on Halloween afternoon instead of after dark. Sometimes local shopping centers will do trick or treating events at their stores as well for parents who prefer a public locale.




Some churches will have Halloween alternative activities planned that are open to the community. Often kids will wear costumes and there may be other activities like face painting, apple bobbing, hayrides, costume contests for a more family friendly celebration of the holiday.


Safe and Happy Halloween Fun



If you are lucky enough to live near an amusement park, you can find out whether or not they have any Halloween activities. Some will have special evening hours where you can come in costume, ride the rides and hang out with various spooks and characters. There may also be stations set up where you can play games or receive treats. In general, these events are designed to be more silly than spooky.



Staying at home.  There are also plenty of alternatives that you can do at home to celebrate Halloween.  You could create your own haunted house and invite some friends, family and the neighborhood to stop by for a visit. Or throw your own Halloween party with a special theme.  Costumes are a must and you can have your own games and activities tailored to the specific age group attending.


If you would rather just spend a quiet evening at home, you could consider renting some of your favorite Halloween movies have a  bowl of popcorn and your favorite Halloween candy and then you are set for a Safe and Happy Halloween Fun quiet evening at home.


There are plenty of ways that you can choose to celebrate a Safe and Happy Halloween Fun for the Halloween holiday.  A costume, some candy and a little holiday magic and you are all set for a spooky good time.


Haunted locations.  For older children and adults, haunted houses can be a great source of fun for Halloween night. Some places will even have some not so spooky attractions for the younger ones. Call ahead to find out hours and pricing as well as the age of admission for the more scarier attractions.





Top 25 Most Haunted Destinations


For years people have reported haunting and strange events that cannot be explained.

Although many say that ghost and haunting aren’t true,  there are many others who will absolutely confirm that haunting does exist. While many people are afraid of even the thought of a ghost,  there are others that find seeking them to be thrilling. There are those who want to prove that ghosts really do exist and dedicate years in the research of this unexplained phenomena.


So what causes hauntings? Many will claim that it’s unfinished business. Others say it’s

the strong connection to a certain place. Some also state that not only ghost stand in

our presence, but evil spirits and demons as well. What causes this? What can prevent

it?  These are the burning questions that paranormal investigators and other researchers try to answer every day.


Top 25 Most Haunted Destinations


Throughout the years there has been documented evidence of hauntings at homes, businesses, cemeteries, hospitals and even prisons. Today thousands of people tour and visit these sites in hope to catch a glimpse of the unknown for themselves and for the pure adventure alone. Here in this e-book you will learn about the top 25 most haunted destinations in the U.S. and the history and hauntings of each and every place.

Top 25 Most Haunted U.S. Destinations


Top 25 Most Haunted Destinations


The tales that are held in this spine chilling eBook will leave you baffled with the facts and have you anxious to go and see it for yourself.


Want to know more about the The Devil’s Den at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania?  This is just one of the many others that you will learn about when you download this eBook instantly after you purchase it.


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